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Svante,S,  Cromwell                          submitted 3/18/2014 


The care for the patient, myself, was very personal and efficient.


Richard,B, Haddam                          submitted 3/18/2014 

Two months ago I had intense lower back pain, spasms, and sciatica running down my left leg. One day it was so bad I could not go to work. I went to see an orthopaedic surgeon in Westbrook who then referred to me to Dr. Shortell. He told me that he had referred other patients to him and that he was very good. Dr. Shortell took X-rays, did a thorough exam, analyzed my MRI, then explained that I had Lumbar Hyperlordosis, 2 herniated and degenerated disks, one twisted lumbar, and arthritis. He prescribed a set of exercises, and regularly/gently adjusted my spine 3 times per week for 6 weeks. They also did electrotherapy. Now my back pain is almost completely gone! Unlike primary care physicians, who just treat symptoms, Dr. Shortell treats the core structural problems. He is very knowledgeable.


Patricia,B,  Vernon                           submitted 2/22/2014 


I was always skeptical about chiropractic care until I started treating with Dr Shortell. Absolutely amazed with how much it has helped! Would definitely recommend Dr. Shortell.


Mitchell,G, Cromwell                       submitted 2/13/2014              




John.C,  Middletown                     submitted 2/5/2014                


I had been in pain for decades, and was very skeptical about going to my first appointment. Not only did everyone in the office genuinely care about my (and everyone else's) well being, it was one of the best things I have ever done in my life.


Anonymous                                     submitted 1/31/2014


After my first visit, I appreciate the time you spent explaining the details of my condition. It was way more informative than the attention I received from the specialists I've seen. Hopefully you can help me improve my health.


Colleen,A,  Middletown                 submitted 1/27/2014


I have been going to Cromwell Chiropractic for quite a few years and It has always been a good experience.


James,D,  Cromwell                       submitted 1/17/2014


The treatment I receive is always A-1. Thank you1


William,R,  Portland                       submitted 1/16/2014


Dr Shortell is fantastic. He is very knowledgeable and truly a great person. I would recommend him to anyone considering a chiropractor.  I leave feeling so refreshed and healthy!


Elizabeth,B,  Rocky Hill                submitted 1/14/2014


I feel so much better and flexible after I get an adjustment.


Kathleen,S,  Deep River               submitted 1/12/2014


I had suffered from back, hip and neck pain since Christmas.(overdid the holidays) my fingers tingled too. As a result I was not sleeping at night. Two visits with Dr. Shortell and I am back to a full schedule. Thank you Dr. Shortell!


Jeanne,M,  Cromwell                        submitted 1/7/2014


As usual, my visit was handled in a courteous, professional manner.




    William,D,  New Britain              submitted 12/28/2013


     The Best!!


     Jill,B,  Haddam                             submitted 1/11/2014

Dr. Shortell has been our family chiropractor for over 10 years and my family are all extremely well satisfied. He is very professional in the way he analyzes spinal misalignments using x-rays, range of motion tests, and physical examinations.  I have been in accidents where my neck and back were affected. I had pain, regular headaches and my range of motion was restricted. Dr. Shortell was able to help me regain my range of motion and eliminate the pain and headaches. My daughter similarly had been helped with Dr. Shortell's chiropractic care after an auto accident. Also, my husband had been convinced that he would need a back operation to relieve back pain that resulted from years of servicing heavy equipment. However, after receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Shortell, he realized that going under the knife would not be necessary. Now, both my husband and I go for regular monthly checkups to maintain good back health. In addition, everyone in the office is friendly and attentive to client needs. They are very accommodating if you should need to change or reschedule an appointment.

Michael,M,  East Haddam       submitted 12/30/2013

While I was once a skeptic of Chiropractic Care, Dr. Shortell has proven on me that indeed it works. I came to him with a long list of cumulative traumas to my neck, spine and just about every joint in my body; far too many for them all to be operated on. With his knowledge, experience and good sound advice, he has greatly improved my prognosis and steered me toward the path of recovery. Each time I walk through the door at Cromwell Chiropractic Center I am warmly greeted by a wonderful, caring staff that always makes me look forward to my next appointment. I would strongly recommend Cromwell Chiropractic Center to all.

Kevin,R,  Middletown              submitted 12/25/2013

Always knows what is wrong with me and fixes it.

Sairah,S,  Cromwell                 submitted 12/21/2013

I have disc problems, scoliosis, and muscular dystrophy. ...I literally could not function without my visits to Dr. Shortell...

Helen,R,  Newington               submitted 12/21/2013

I don't ever want anyone else to adjust my bones! Dr. Shortell is so soft spoken and gentle as he works on you. I would give you 10 stars if I could.

Dianne,S,  Cromwell                submitted 12/21/2013

Always a pleasure getting adjusted! Love you and your staff, they are incredibly welcoming!


Rebecca,A,  Middletown         submitted 12/18/2013

I've been going to Cromwell Chiropractic for 14 years. They always take great care of me & have me in & out without the long waits. He always helps my back along with lots of other ailments. :)

Sarah,V,  Cromwell                  submitted 12/5/2013  

I have referred several people to Dr. Shortell. He is an excellent provider and always knows who you are and what your indiviual concerns are. On more than one occasion he has gone above and beyond the call of duty to treat me. What doctor provides his patients with his personal cell phone number? Dr. Shortell does! Thank you so much for being so caring and for helping alleviate a lifetime of back pain!

Rodney,R,  Newington                       submitted 12/3/2013  

I could not ask for a better place to have an adjustment then at Cromwell Chiropractic and by a wonderful and caring doctor like Dr. Shortell

Svante,S,  Cromwell                submitted 11/24/2013

As always the visit was very nice, and professional.         

Kathleen,J,  Cromwell             submitted 11/23/2013

I feel so much better and have much less pain. Dr. Shortell and his staff are very professional and compassionate. I actually enjoy going there.

Susan,A,  Cromwell                 submitted 11/21/2013

I have been coming to see Dr. Shortell intermittently for the past 17 years and would not entrust my spine to anyone else! He is very knowledgeable and skilled, using multiple treatment techniques to achieve efficacy. I have also brought one of my sons and referred many friends because I am 100% confident in Dr. Shortell and chiropractic care. The staff is also very friendly and accommodating.

Goyette,R,  Colchester            submitted 11/18/2013

Wonderful service - always come out feeling better.

Ashunte,B,  Colchester          submitted 11/17/2013

Dr. Shortell is great...he helped me with my bachirck issues. I have not been in over 6 months and I'm still doing great no more back pain. I would recommend him to anybody who needs chiropractic help. The office staff was always very nice and helpful.



Daniel,H,  Middletown             submitted 11/17/2013

I have been using Dr. Shortell for many years now. I find his practice really works for me. I appreciate that the practice realizes that it's not just treatment of the spine they need to be aware of, but rather the patient as a whole. Dr. Shortell's charity work locally for children and families is a great example of the type of business he runs too. Keep up the great work!  There is no other place to go. Great service and a Dr. that cares about his patients beyond their spine!

Wendy,R,  Cromwell                submitted 11/17/2013

I have been seeing Dr. Rob and his staff for over 15 years. He has helped me and my family with our back problems with professional and compassionate treatments. I can't say enough of how much we appreciate him. I went for back pain and sinus problems. Over the years I have not had as many sinus infections as when I started. Thank you Dr. Rob.

Dianne,A,  Enfield                     submitted 11/4/2013

Cromwell Chiropractic Center continues to provide professional and compassionate care. And the results have been outstanding with significant improvement to my flexibility and range of motion. I would highly recommend Dr Shortell to anyone who is experiencing pain or limited range of motion. The treatments available can make a world of difference in your quality of life!

Anthony,S,  Middletown         submitted 10/29/2013

Excellent as always! Thank you for all you do.       

Melvin,H,  Cromwell                 submitted 10/19/2013

Excellent! I have gone there for a number of years. Excellent staff and a dedicated doctor.  

Indiana,W,  Newington            submitted 10/19/2013

Always courteous and prepare for my aches and pain needs!!!! Thank you for all your support.

Anonymous                               submitted 10/17/2013

Everyone in the office are great people. They make you feel welcome and comfortable. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous                               submitted 10/10/2013

Friendly employees and a comfortable atmosphere

Jay,C,  Plainville                       submitted 10/3/2013

The staff is very professional, courteous and conscientious. A perfect formula for healing.

Joseph,T,  Cromwell               submitted 9/29/2013

Dr. Shortell is very personable and good at what he does. He has an extensive knowledgeable of his craft and uses it to fix what ails you in a timely and efficient manner.

Susan,D,  Cromwell                 submitted 9/11/2013

Our entire family has been to the Cromwell Chiropractic Center for one reason or another. Recently I took my son for his appointment and while I was sitting in the waiting area I was coughing quite a bit (getting over a chest cold). After my son was done with his appointment Dr. Shortell came out and asked if that was me who was coughing. I told him "Yes" and he said that he could help me. He told me that he could get rid of that constant tickling I felt in my throat which triggered the cough attached and get my lungs to open up and heal better. I didn't have an appointment but he was kind enough to take me right away. After he did his magic the tickle in my throat was gone almost instantaneously and I can say that I haven't been coughing as badly and I am on the road to recovery. Awesome job!

Marcie,C,  Portland                  submitted 9/5/2013

Excellent as always!!! My favorite doctor!

Dean,M,  Middletown               submitted 8/27/2013

He makes u feel much better when u leave

Frank,P,  The Villages, Florida          submitted 8/22/2013

Hi folks, my experience with the dr. was great, I will be back up in a few months, and will be coming to see the doc. I am back home in Florida, but will be back soon, see you than.

Louis,R,  Meriden                     submitted 8/22/2013

Dr. Shortell is an amazing practitioner. With expertise and compassion for his patients, he will help you regain your health without drugs. I recommend Dr. Shortell for people of all ages with physical challenges as well as the very young for a better start in life. The staff is very helpful and pleasant with their patients.

Mark,D,  Enfield             submitted 8/22/2013

I look forward to my visits. Provides well needed relief. Dr Shortell is extremely knowledgeable about the spine in more ways than any other Chiropractor I've been too.

Darrell,P,  Middletown             submitted 8/21/2013

Great first session. The doc spent over 45 minutes just reviewing past history, needs, issues, etc and showed true concern and knowledge. Sooo much better than what the typical PCP visit is like.


Leonard,M,  Middletown         submitted 8/21/2013

Dr. S. provides the touch that heals. His office experience is more like friendship.

Anonymous                               submitted 8/15/2013

I recommend Dr. Shortell to anyone who is in pain. He cares about his patients and listens to what you are saying. Dr. Shortell has helped me improve my lower back problem and he knows when I am having problems with my back. His staff is amazing and caring. If you want to improve your well being I suggest you make an appointment with Dr. Shortell.

David,O,  Cromwell                  submitted 8/2/2013

I was suffering for 10 days with lower back pains and had seen my regular Dr. and taken his meds with no noticeable results and my son recommended I see Dr. Shortell. I was seen that day and after a 30 min. visit, I was able to walk & sit, much more comfortably, got a good nights sleep and have since, come back to normal, comfortable, painless use of my body. Maybe now I’ll be a better Golfer!!

Sairah,S,  Cromwell                 submitted 7/30/2013

Dr Shortell is amazing! His staff is absolutely wonderful. The atmosphere is always bright and comfortable, and the Dr's work is what keeps me mobile! Can't imagine my life without them!

Charlene,A,  Cromwell               submitted 7/29/2013

Excellent. Dr Shortell always finds my areas of pain or discomfort and adjusts me without causing pain or problems. I highly recommend him to everyone.

Carol,S,  East Berlin                submitted 7/27/2013

Dr Shortell takes the extra time to get to know his patients. He sometimes knows when something is bothering me before I even recognize it. He will mention it and I will realize that, yes, this has been bothering me. I have always had a positive experience, not only with Dr. Shortell, but with his staff. They are helpful, congenial, and a delight to be around. I do recommend Dr. Shortell to friends and family. I think he is wonderful!

Ann,S,  Berlin                            submitted 7/27/2013

Dr. Shortell has worked with my children and myself to target our needs. He has kept both of my children active in their sports because of his excellent care. I recommend him all the time to other families we know.

Anonymous                               submitted 7/20/2013

Excellet service and professionalism.


Jeneva,S,  Middletown            submitted 7/17/2013

The staff is very friendly and professional.

Frank,P,  Wethersfield                           submitted 7/16/2013

nothing but good things to say.

Kimberly,B,  Middletown                    submitted 7/15/2013

Was made to feel welcome from the moment I entered. Dr. is soft spoken and took the time to listen and to explain things. Did not feel rushed at all. Comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. It's nice to be able to go somewhere....get what needs to get done and leave. Great place.

Shaundolyn,O,  Hartford                    submitted 7/15/2013

Dr. Shortell is awesome, he is personable, efficient, and knows what you need. He is very knowledgeable about fixing your body.

Nancy,T,  Meriden                                submitted 7/11/2013

My visit on Monday, July 8th, was not my regular adjustment visit. I had done something to my ankle over the weekend. I called the office they were able to schedule me that afternoon and Dr Shortell was able to readjust my knee and ankle so that the pain I had been experiencing over the weekend was almost completely gone. I greatly appreciate the effort put forth by the office staff in getting me seen as soon as possible and Dr Shortell for his medical care. I wish that all my other doctors were more like Cromwell Chriopractic Center in providing their patients with care.

Jean,F,  Durham                                   submitted 7/8/2013

Have been going to Dr.Shortell, for many years now, with back and neck problems do to severe Arthritis and I can say he has helped me immensely. You never feel rushed at your visit and Dr. Shortell takes time to answer any questions you may have. Also his office staff is the best, all work together to help the patients feel comfortable and important. I would highly recommend Dr. Shortell.

Patrick,D,  Higganum                          submitted 7/8/2013

Dr. Shortell is a knowledgeable professional. He is very effective. Takes a personal interest in the patient, even following up when needed with a phone call. My family and I have been there many times and he has never kept us waiting for our appointments.

Kylee,S,  Cromwell                               submitted 7/5/2013

I am very pleased with the care I am receiving at Cromwell Chiropractic!



Carolyn,S,  Middletown                      submitted 7/4/2013

As always, my visit to Cromwell Chiropractic met every expectation! I feel very grateful to have met Dr. Shortell and be in his care

Louise,C,  Higganum                          submitted 6/28/2013

I'm always treated very well even if you are extremely busy. Dr Shortell is the only one who explains exactly what my spine is doing and why I feel achy at times. I am better with the treatment I receive there than I would be without it.

Barbara,S,  Haddam                            submitted 6/26/2013

I am much improved

Marilyn,G,  Hartford                              submitted 6/15/2013

Great service and it is done quickly.

Anonymous                                           submitted 6/15/20133

I have always had a good experience with the staff and Dr. Shortell. Dr. Shortell really takes the time to undertsand his patient's needs and has such a pleasant demeanor. He is able to also pick up on issues that other medical professions seem to miss.

Jeffrey,M,  Middletown                        submitted 6/8/2013

Top notch people, top notch care.

Katie,L,  Cromwell                                submitted 6/6/2013

I had a wonderful experience at the office. Dr. Shortell was extremely informative and helpful and was focused only on me. Thank you for a wonderful appointment

Mitch,W,  Meriden                                 submitted 6/4/2013

Excellent service !!!!!

Kevin,G,  Wethersfield                        submitted 6/1/2013

I have recommended Cromwell Chiropractic already to more than a few people. Doctor Shortell has done a lot to help me with my many issues which he diagnosed and treated expertly. I will continue to recommend Cromwell Chiropractic every chance I get.

Karen,R,  Middletown                          submitted 6/1/2013

Dr. Shortell always goes the extra mile for his patients!


Sharon,P,  Wallingford                        submitted 5/31/2013

Always feel better afterward.

Robert,P,  Middletown                           submitted 5/31/2013

It's always a great experience - Dr. Shortell and the entire staff are professional and friendly - Dr. Shortell keeps up with the latest state of the art equipment to allow the adjustments to go smoothly.

Anonymous                                           submitted 5/30/2013

Dr. Shortell was very professional.

Albertina,B,  Middletown                    submitted 5/24/2013

I feel truly Blessed to have found a Practice as caring and concerned about my health as Cromwell Chiropractic Center, LLC. Dr. Shortell and his co-workers are very passionate about providing care to their clients.

Michelle,B,  Middletown                      submitted 5/21/2013

Excellent care as always!!

Edward,M,  Rocky Hill                         submitted 5/20/2013                          

Always a pleasure to see Doc Shortell. Whatever he is doing, it seems to be working for me...

Peter,G,  New Britain                           submitted 5/16/2013

Dr., Shortell very good.

James,F,  Middletown                         submitted 5/15/2013

If you are interested in seeing a chiropractor I would suggest visiting Cromwell Chiropractic and attended one of their healthcare classes as I did. You can learn a lot.  Going has helped me with chronic back pain I had for years and stomach problems that I had.

Anonymous                                                         submitted 5/13/2013

Always love coming here. Everyone is wonderful and I feel good when I leave.

Paul,B,  Southington                           submitted 5/11/2013

Dr. Shortell always helps me and is very concerned about my condition and goes the extra mile to make sure I'm the best I can be when I've completed my exam.


Anonymous                                           submitted 5/6/2013

I recommend Cromwell Chiropractic to anyone.

Helen,R,  Newington                           submitted 5/4/2013

Dr. Shortell is a very competent and friendly person that I would recommend to anyone seeking a Chiropractor.

Maryanne,K,  Wethersfield                 submitted 5/4/2013

I had a good deal of relief. I have ordered the back brace and hope to have it in 2 weeks.

Diane,A,  Enfield                                   submitted 5/2/2013

I was pleased with the very thorough evaluation by Dr. Shortell and am looking forward to the follow visit. I hope that he can help improve my range of motion and flexibility.

Jesse,H,  Middletown                          submitted 4/30/2013

I Feel good after chiropractor Is done with my body feels tight after working all day After bending down I appreciate everything that the doctor does for me When I'm there

Dolores,S,  Middletown                      submitted 4/30/2013

I have been a patient of Cromwell Chiropractic Center for a number of years and have had nothing but excellent care and understanding of my various problems. I would recommend Dr. Shortell and his staff to all!

Debra,H,  Middletown                          submitted 4/30/2013

Always feel better after I leave! The staff is great and so is Dr Shortell.

Sharon,P,  Wallingford                        submitted 4/29/2013

I have been suffering with a piriformis injury and the doctor I saw just prescribed painkillers which did nothing but make me spacey. Dr. Shortell spent time with me explaining the syndrome in detail and his adjustments are finally gave me some relief.  I have been coming to Cromwell chiropractic for over 10 years and have definitely seen an improvement in how I feel. Not only does Dr. Shortell know you physically but also personally. He always remembers things about you and asks about your family and career.

Matthew,P,  Farmington                     submitted 4/29/2013

I just wish I went to Dr. Shortell sooner!! His treatment made an a huge difference in how I feel.



Jean,F,  Durham                                   submitted 4/29/2013

Have been going to Dr.Shortell, for many years now, with back and neck problems due to severe Arthritis and I can say he has helped me immensely. You never feel rushed at your visit and Dr. Shortell takes the time to answer any questions you may have. Also his office staff is the best, all work together to help the patients feel comfortable and important. I would highly recommend Dr. Shortell.

Nancy,S,  Portland                               submitted 4/27/2013  

I have complete trust in Dr. Shortell to help me to get my neck back in line. I look forward to my treatment.

Jean,S,  Cromwell                                submitted 4/25/2013

Very professional. Still not feeling myself after my first visit but will stay optimistic. See you Monday AM.

Erik,A,  Middletown                              submitted 4/25/2013

Great service all around! Quick and simple.

Albertina,B,  Middletown                    submitted 4/24/2013

I am very pleased with the services provided by Dr. Shortell. He really is very knowledgeable. I feel very comfortable allowing him to guide me through healing utilizing chiropractic care.

Tammy,V,  Hamden                             submitted 4/23/2013

Excellent service

Zachary,C,  Cromwell                          submitted 4/23/2013

It's amazing how much chiropractic can improve your overall health!    

Carolyn,S,  Middletown                      submitted 4/23/2013

I originally came in when I awoke on a Saturday morning, I was in a great deal of back pain, and, in desperation, called several area chiropractors. I left a message for Dr. Shortell. He called me back - within minutes - and invited me to meet him at his office. Such a compassionate man. In fact, after 9/11 he volunteered his time in NYC to treat the first responders as they left Ground Zero. For the past several years I've been seeing him every two months for a “tune-up”! I trust his knowledge and suggestions for treatment. His staff is also professional and welcoming to me.

Marc,N,  Berlin                                       submitted 4/23/2013

Always a pleasure and value

Virginia,H,  Windsor                                         submitted 4/23/2013

Always an excellent experience. From being reminded how much in my life I have to be thankful for, to providing entertainment for my toddler while I get adjusted, these guys are nothing but the best!

Anonymous                                           submitted 4/14/2013

The staff is knowledgeable and make the visit pleasant experience,

Rachael,B,  Middletown                      submitted 4/14/2013

It is always a wonderful experience! I feel that everyone who works there, especially Dr. Shortell, really cares about me and my family and our continued good health. I recommend him to all my friends!

Vickie,B,  Cromwell                              submitted 4/12/2013

I have been a patient for several years. Dr. Shortell goes above and beyond and truly makes a personal connection to each and every patient. It is obvious that he and his staff deliver nothing short of excellence.

Jerome,C,  Middletown                       submitted 4/7/2013

Excellent patient care and customer service.

Lauren,J,  Meriden                               submitted 4/7/2013

Kind staff and even better care

Ann,S,  Berlin                                        submitted 4/5/2013


George,D,  Middletown                       submitted 4/5/2013

As with all previous appointments just great.

Sarah,V,  Wethersfield                        submitted 4/4/2013

I have recommended the excellent services of your practice in the past!

Maureen,C,  Middletown                     submitted 4/4/2013

Great experience as always--caring and considerate, prompt too!

Anthony,S,  Middletown                     submitted 4/4/2013

Have been going here for guys are the best.

Charles,T,  Berlin                                 submitted 3/31/2013

Appointments are always on time.

Kevin,G,  Wethersfield                        submitted 3/31/2013

excellent service and results!

Michael,K,  Middletown                       submitted 3/26/2013

We called last minute and got in 30 minutes later. My neck feels so much better!

Anonymous                                           submitted 3/26/2013

good care. multiple problems were addressed.

Anonymous                                           submitted 3/23/2013

dr. shortell is an excellent chiropractor. He also cares very much for his patients. He actually came to visit me when I was in the hospital.

Deborah,S,  Meriden                            submitted 3/23/2013

Personable staff and amazing with taking the time to explain and/or to educate on wellness and good health.

Domenique,T,  Middletown               submitted 3/23/2013

Great Dr. Shortell was able to show me exactly where the issue was in my spine. Thanks! Now I know what area to work on.

Anonymous                                           submitted 3/23/2013

Dr. Shortell is always willing to give you the extra time when necessary and is very knowledgeable about many things. He has helped me in many ways and I have always had a positive experience. All of his staff is very friendly.