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Hello and thank you for choosing my office to assist you with your injuries and to help regain your health.

At the Cromwell Chiropractic Center we address the three main causes of injury, dis-ease and ill-health. They are: physical, chemical and mental influences allowing for a whole body approach to make you healthy through natural care.

  • To address the physical component of your injury and dis-ease, we begin with a 45-60 minute comprehensive examination including an orthopedic and neurological workup as well as evaluating your flexibility, strength and balance performed by a chiropractic physician in practice since 1997. Also, an in-house digital x-ray and custom orthotic evaluation are used to gain a complete picture of your full problem.
  • To address the chemical influences, we use targeted supplementation for your specific health problems along with specific dietary recommendations. Your unique blood type will also be tested and used to assist in dietary and lifestyle changes.
  • To address the mental influences in dis-ease, we use specific examination techniques and cutting-edge neurodiagnostics to assess neurological symmetry and brain dysregulation. Brain dysregulation is when the brain produces unhealthy, imbalanced brain waves at the wrong locations. Brain dysregulation can increase the symptoms of: Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Brain Fog and ADD.

Brainwave Dysregulation and the symptoms associated with depression or anxiety?

Depending upon your mental state, your brain produces 4 distinct brainwaves:

  1. Beta waves are produced when you are alert and externally focused
  2. Alpha waves are produced when you close your eyes and relax
  3. Theta waves are produced briefly when you start to fall asleep
  4. Delta waves occur when you are sleeping.

If the brain produces higher than normal magnitudes of beta waves, the person will likely experience symptoms associated with generalized anxiety, panic attacks, migraine/tension headaches, chronic pain, difficulty getting to sleep or waking up in the middle of the night and unable to get back to sleep due to too many things on your mind.

If the brain produces higher than normal magnitudes of alpha waves, the person will likely experience symptoms associated with fibromyalgia, decreased motivation, irritability or depression.

If the brain produces high magnitudes of delta or theta waves, the person will likely experience attention and focus issues such as those associated with ADHD, cognitive decline, learning disorders, or symptoms related to concussion. Brain dysregulation is assessed by an examination called a Quantitative Electroencephalogram (QEEG). The QEEG is an assessment tool that is designed to objectively evaluate a person’s brainwave patterns. The procedure includes placing a snug cap on the head, with small sensors to measure the electrical activity (brain waves) coming from the brain. The test takes approximately 30 minutes and will objectively tell if your brain wave patterns are abnormal.

You are currently scheduled for our comprehensive examination which will evaluate the neurological, physical and chemical components of your problem.

If you would like to include the assessment of the mental influence of your health problems to include the Brain Map/QEEG, this would be an additional $75.00 fee.

Please let us know by text/phone before you come for your examination or when you come in for your first appointment if you would like to have this test performed.

I look forward to meeting with you.

Robert M. Shortell, D.C.