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Back Pain

Lower Back Pain, Hip Pain or Sciatica

Most lower back pain from your spine comes from one of 3 sources; Discs, facet joints or sacroiliac joints.

People with disc problems will often experience pain especially when the sit, cough or sneeze too hard and at times feel pain down into the leg especially below the knee into the feet.

People with facet pain will feel stiff especially in the morning and often try stretching to relieve their pain.

People with sacroiliac pain will say it hurts the most during transition movements. The most common are getting up from sitting and turning in bed. They will often notice that one side of their hips feels more tight when walking, standing or jogging.

At the Cromwell Chiropractic Center we address the three main causes of your problems: chemical, physical and mental influences for a whole body approach.

  • To address the mental influences; we use specific examination techniques and cutting edge neurodiagnostics to assess for brain function and balance.
  • To address the chemical influences; we use targeted supplementation for your specific health problems along with specific dietary recommendations.
  • To address the physical component of dis-ease; we use in-house digital x-ray, custom orthotics, orthopedic, neurological, flexibility, strength and balance testing.

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