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Headaches & Neck Pain

Migraines, Headaches & Neck Pain

Upper neck problems most commonly have headaches in the front or back of the head (sometimes migraines) and will often feel like their head is too heavy that worsens at the day goes on. Often they just want to lay down to get the weight of their head off their neck.

Middle neck problems most often bother the large neck muscles on the shoulders called the trapezius (traps). This will often cause tension headaches to the side of the head and people will say they would like someone to massage their shoulders.

Lower neck problems will refer into the upper back/scapular (wing bone) area and sometimes down the arms/hands. People with this problem will often say that laying their head down on the pillow at night is uncomfortable causing them to blame their pillow for their problem.

At the Cromwell Chiropractic Center we address the three main causes of your problems: chemical, physical and mental influences for a whole body approach.

  • To address the mental influences; we use specific examination techniques and cutting edge neurodiagnostics to assess for brain function and balance.
  • To address the chemical influences; we use targeted supplementation for your specific health problems along with specific dietary recommendations.
  • To address the physical component of dis-ease; we use in-house digital x-ray, custom orthotics, orthopedic, neurological, flexibility, strength and balance testing.
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